What is Non formal education?

Advantages of Non formal education

Non formal education refers to planned, systematic programs and processes of personal and social education for young people intended to enhance a variety of skills and competences, beyond the conventional school curriculum. Non-formal education is what takes place in settings like youth organizations, sports clubs, drama groups, and community organizations where young people gather, for instance, to work on projects together, play games, have discussions, go camping, or create music and theater. Even though their societal recognition is growing, successes in non-formal education are typically challenging to certify.Non formal education has a lot of advantages which can not be over emphasized

Non-formal learning takes place outside formal learning environments but within some kind of organisational framework. It arises from the learner’s conscious decision to master a particular activity, skill or area of knowledge and is thus the result of intentional effort. But it need not follow a formal syllabus or be governed by external accreditation and assessment

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Advantages of Non- Formal Education

The advantages of Non formal education are listed below:

Compared to traditional formal education, non-formal education offers many benefits for human growth. The fundamental benefit of non-formal education is its adaptability to the changing requirements of individuals as well as to societal trends. It can help someone’s professional skills as well as their own personal growth.

One can earn while learning.It improves one’s confidence and self dependency.

It helps cultivates the habit of hard work

It helps to cover up one’s deficiency in any aspect and thus is able to improve one’s standard of living.

It is also Paramount to note that learning objectives in non-formal education are frequently far more attitude- and skill-based. One attitude that we frequently see develop through non-formal education is tolerance. However, we shouldn’t disregard the significance of knowledge simply because formal schooling appears to favor it. It has always played a crucial part in education and always will.

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