Here in this post, we are going to discuss business education curriculum In Nigeria. We hope you find this article informative and educating.

As stated earlier, we are going to be discussing business education curriculum in Nigeria but before then,let’s look at the meaning of business education and curriculum.

What is Business Education?

Business education has to do with teaching students the very fundamentals, and theories, as well as, processes of business.

What is Curriculum?

Simply put, a curriculum is a coordinated course of academic study. Synonyms for curriculum include course of study, curriculum, program, and syllabus.

With the basics of the subject at hand being gotten. Let’s continue, shall we?

Business Education has a department, and the department is either under the Faculty of Education or Faculty of Education and Arts.

The department normally runs a 4 years degree programme, and the programme leads to the award of B.Sc (Ed) Degree in Business Education.

What Is The Philosophy Of Business Education Curriculum in Nigeria?

Business education has a philosophy and a department at the tertiary institutions, the philosophy of the programme is actually taken from the NPE, that is, the National Policy on Education.

The following are some of the goals that the Business Education department has for improving the development of the program’s objectives:

  • For both the receivers’ and Nigerian society’s survival, it is necessary to instill the proper values and attitudes.
  • The receivers’ minds must be trained in order for them to comprehend their surroundings.
  • You must make sure the recipients develop the proper kinds of competencies—both mental and physical—as well as skills, abilities, and skills—in order for them to be able to contribute to the advancement of society.
  • It is necessary to ensure that students value the worth of labor and to advance the emotional, physical, and psychological well-being of all recipients.
  • However, the National Policy on Education has made provisions directing that teacher education, in particular those offering National Certificate in Education NCE and also those in degree level understudying teacher education programmes, be expanded to meet the needs of business education in the nation.

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What Is The Scope Of Business Education Curriculum in Nigeria?

In every department of the business education in a tertiary institution, there is the need for them to work in furtherance of the National Policy of Education directive as well as, making sure that, its objectives relate to the NPE offers in view of the certificates and degree options in the business education programme, for example

-B.Sc (Ed) Accounting Education and

-B.Sc (Ed) Cooperative and Commerce Education.

Some Stress Areas For The Programme (business education curriculum in Nigeria)

Introductory/Fundamental Courses 0 and

Business Education/Management Courses 1 and

Technology/Communication Courses 2 and

Mathematical/Statistical Courses 3 and

Software Courses 4 and

Business Courses-Law/Methods/Finance 5 and

Training/Exposition Courses to Students 6

Sociology 1 and

Psychology  2 and

History 3 and

Statistics 4 and

Curriculum 5 and

Technology 6 and

Practical Teaching 7 and

Methodology 8 and

Research Project 9


The department of business education normally runs a 4 years degree programme, and the programme leads to the award of B.Sc (Ed) Degree in Business Education

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