Components Of Civic Education: The components of Civic education and it’s Importance will be thoroughly discussed in this article. So,sit back and relax as you read through what we have for you.

Meaning Of Civic Education

Civic education is a subject that examines our obligations and rights as community members. It is a subject that teaches us about our responsibilities and rights as community members as well as the privileges we should enjoy.

After defining what Civic education is, we move to the subject at hand which is: Components of Civic education which will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

Components Of Civic Education

Components of Civic Education refers to the important/core parts of Civic Education. Listed below are some of its important parts:

Our Duties

These refers to the so many things we must do to make our country better. We must learn them and out them into practice. For example, we are to respect the values of our society, obey laws and regulations, be a good ambassador of the country at all times, payment of taxes, respecting national symbols e.g the Flag etc.

Our Rights

These are the things that Nigerian citizens ought to enjoy. For instance, among others, we have the right to transport all movable property anywhere in Nigeria, the right to vote and to be elected, the right to life, and the right to freedom of movement

Our Environment

Civic education teaches us a lot about our political, economic and social environment.

Responsibilities Of The Government

These are the things the government must provide for it’s citizens such as the provision of social amenities, good transport networks, free education, good health care services etc.

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Laws Of Our Country

It teaches us about the core concept of our laws. With better understanding of laws, we will behave better and enjoy better.

Importance Of Civic Education

1 Civic education allows us to become better members/citizens of the country

2.Our civic responsibilities, such as obeying the law and paying our taxes, are made clear to us through civic education.

3. It awakens people to their social nature.

4. The society becomes more orderly as a result of Civic education.

5. It aids in our understanding of the rights and benefits we have as citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Civic Education?

It is a subject that teaches us about our responsibilities and rights as community members as well as the privileges we should enjoy.

Is Civic education an elementary subject in schools?

Yes! Without an iota of doubt it is.

Why do we study Civic education?

To know our rights as individuals, our duties/ roles in community development and our privileges.


It has been greatly shown how important Civic education is in educating and guiding us towards knowing our rights and how to express and defend them. We hope we have been able to satisfy your cravings.

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