In this article,I am going to define cultism in Civic Education, the effect of cultism and the solutions to it.

Meaning of Cultism in Civic Education

Cultism is a ritual practiced by a group of people whose initiation, membership, rules, and activities are all carried out in secret.

It can also be described as a type of organization whose operations are frequently in conflict with social norms and ideals and are conducted at strange hours of the day.

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Cultism in Civic Education: Effects of Cultism

  1. Expulsion from School: Because tertiary schools have a very low tolerance for cult activities, any student discovered to be a member of a cult is typically expelled from the school.
  2. Life of Uncertainty: A cultist leads an uncertain life. He does not know when or where the next significant battles will occur.
  3. Family Threat: Cult fights have actually spilled beyond the campus perimeter fence and into the homes of competing cult members. For the son’s escape, many members of the cult family were murdered at their home by their own cult group during a leadership dispute and by a rival cult group in the event of a clash.
  4. Mortgage of Liberty: The initiation oath suggests that you have given your freedom, liberty, and every aspect of yourself to the cult group. The cult leader has complete devotion. This implies that a member of a cult has no control over his or her life and that, to a reasonable extent, the cult leadership dictates or directs the individual’s behavior.
  5. The Danger of Law Enforcement: Cultists constantly worry about getting detained both during and after cult conflicts. Many cultists have given up on their schooling out of fear of being jailed after being accused of running a cult.
  6. Poor Academic Performance: in school, they fare poorly academically. Cultists also tend to spend more time on campus. They consistently neglected their academics in favor of nocturnal pursuits, which usually led to a basket of carry-overs that extended their stay on university.

Cultism in Civic Education: Solutions to Cultism

The following are some of the numerous ways to curb Cultism in the society. They are:

1.A clear law that will execute anyone found guilty of participating in cult activities at home or in schools should be established

2. The teaching of civic education should be mandated at primary, secondary, and tertiary schools.

3. Parents should spend time learning about and comprehending their children. They should take care of their basic bodily, emotional, and mental requirements.

4. The nation’s government and religious institutions should support aggressive measures to wage war against cults.


The Nigerian society suffers greatly from cultism and cult actions. It is done in educational institutions, on college campuses, and even in public places. In many areas, there exist many cult groups, and the harm they have done to society is extensive.

Cultism is bad! Cultism leads to loss of lives and properties.

Say no to Cultism.

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