Difference between Educational Technology and Technology In Education

In this article, we are going to be highlighting the differences between Educational Technology and Technology In Education as many people are finding it difficult to differentiate between both.. Sit back, relax and enjoy what we have for you.

Even though the terms educational and instructional technology may seem compatible, they have important subtle differences.

While educational technology is based on a wider scope including philosophical aspects, essential approaches, both theoretical and applied subjects on using technology to support education, technology in education is related to the usage of the technology on how-to perform instruction along educational processes. 

Educational Technology vs Technology in Education

Educational Technology (EdTech),encourages the use of technology to enhance the process of learning of the current school curriculum.

On the other hand, technology in education (TechEd) focuses on learning how technology works. This includes innovation through technology, coding and programming, and computer science. It is an integral piece for preparing students to create their own tools rather than becoming plain consumers.

The study of technology or technological studies are other names for technology education.

Technology is covered in technology education as a subject matter.

Technology Education is concerned with a wide range of technology, including any innovation, alteration, or modification of the natural environment to meet deemed human needs and desires, as well as how technology achieves this through the interrelated disciplines of math, science, engineering, and other subjects.

Difference between Educational Technology and Technology in Education
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All students’ technical literacy is the main focus of technology education. The capacity to utilize, manage, comprehend, and assess technology in general is known as technological literacy.

The utilization of computers, information systems, audiovisual equipment, and other media is the main focus of educational technology.

Instructional or information technology are other names for educational technology (IT)

The small range of technologies utilized for communication and information distribution make up the bulk of educational technology.

By using a very small number of tools created by technology, educational technology instructs students while using technology.

Educational technology’s main objective is to improve teaching and learning.

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