In this article,I am going to be discussing the importance of adult education in Nigeria. Sit back, relax and enjoy what I have for you.

Importance of adult education in Nigeria
Some Adult Learner’s

To begin with, who says education should end when you reach adulthood? Mature learners have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, learn new skills, and acquire valuable certifications and credentials through adult education.

Adult education in Nigeria is presently geared towards national development (Ewuzie, 2012). The objective of the process of adult education and national development is to get the adults, either as individuals or as a group, to learn and through learning to change their attitude and behaviour. The policy on education states the objectives of adult education as:

1. To provide functional literacy education for adults who have never had the opportunity of any formal education.

2. To provide functional and remedial education for those young people who prematurely dropped out of the formal school system.

3. To provide further education for different categories of completers of formal education system in order to improve their basic knowledge and skills

4. To provide in-service and on-the-job vocational and professional training for different categories of workers and professionals in order to improve their skills

5. To give the adult citizens of the country aesthetic, cultural and civic education for public enlightenment

One cannot stress the importance of adult education. In order to boost their employment chances and enable mature learners to acquire new skills, adult education is crucial.

What is Adult Education?

It is an education geared toward mature students who have already participated in the workforce is known as adult education. People have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and develop new abilities by learning as mature students.

There are numerous formats and topics that can be covered by adult education. Many older students study a variety of disciplines, including languages, sciences, and math and literacy, in addition to reading and numeracy.

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What To Take Into Account While Selecting An Adult Education Program

There are many different adult education programs accessible, so it’s critical to pick one that meets your goals while also being of the highest caliber. The main goal of effective adult education programs should be to teach students critical, useful skills.

The focus on teaching specialized skills that students can use in the job and content that is simple to understand are important characteristics of an adult education program to seek for.

The Importance Of Adult Education in Nigeria.

1. Active citizenship and democracy

As a result of their involvement in adult education, more people vote, give their time, and play active roles in their communities. The method for fostering critical thinking in adults is adult education.

2. Health and wellbeing

Adult learners lead healthier lifestyles and have greater levels of happiness. Adult education helps people grow personally and realize their own potential. Lifelong learning is essential to our society’s health.

3. Sustainability

Adult education provides the skills, information, debate forum and creativity to develop new approaches that are necessary for sustainable development. A paradigm shift is only possible through critical, conscious and innovative citizens.

4. Digitalization

Adult education gives people digital knowledge and aids in closing the digital divide. This is essential for achieving personal growth, employment, social inclusion, and active citizenship.

5. Employment and Work

Workplace learning is one of the main drivers for adult participation in lifelong learning. Adult education increases innovation and productivity among employees, entrepreneurs and volunteers – making companies more successful.

Summary Of The Importance Of Education In Nigeria

As we’ve seen, Nigeria has a variety of issues, and adult education is crucial to finding solutions to it. Adult education benefits not just the learner but also the economy and society as a whole. Through adult education, we can build a more progressive, egalitarian, and sustainable society where everyone has access to the knowledge and skills they need to lead healthy, productive lives. Additionally, they participate actively in civic and cultural pursuits all throughout their life.

In other words, adult education is a crucial component that we need to confront the problems that Nigeria is currently facing and will face in the future.

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