Safety in Physical Education

In this article,we are going to be discussing safety in Physical education (definition), causes of dangers and many others.. We hope you find this article Informative and educating.

No one wants to fall off a rope onto a hard floor. Nobody wants to get smashed in the face with a ball. And, of course, no one would want to break a bone while playing a sport. But any of these can happen to kids participating in any number of activities in a physical education class. And so, safety guidelines for physical education are an important part for any physical education teacher to consider. This lesson will give you a good introduction into general safety in the physical education environment.

Safety in Physical education can be defined as being free, or protected from physical harm while carrying out physical activities.

Safety in physical education

Causes of Danger in Physical education

  1. Lack of order and discipline
  2. Bad state of track
  3. Slippery and wet surface
  4. Bad shoes and clothes
  5. Unrecommended sport equipment
  6. Inadequate sport facilities

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Safety measures in Physical education

This refers to what to do and how to do them,in order to keep us safe when carrying out sport activities.

  1. Put on appropriate gears for the activity such as helmet and or protective pads for cycling
  2. Wear comfortable clothing and well padded shoes that can protect the heels and arches of the feet.
  3. Take appropriate breaks as wt when due to replenish Lost energy.
  4. Always warm up before commencing any sport activities and cool down afterwards to reduce the risk of strains.
  5. Do not exercise on an empty stomach.Eat something light before commencing such as snacks.
  6. Be mindful of the weather conditions.
  7. Listen to your body! Do not exercise when sick or unhealthy.

Importance of Safety Rules 

1. It creates discipline

2. It helps to avoid accident

3. It builds self confidence

4. It brings about uniformity and orderliness.

Basic Physical education Rule

  1. Stay on task
  2. Respect does around you
  3. Listen and follow directions
  4. Participate to the best of your ability i.e give 100% at all times

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