Definition of physical education

According to Rosdiani (2013: 23), Physical education is an educational process that utilizes planned physical activities systematically aimed at developing and enhancing individuals organically, neuromuscularly, perceptually, cognitively, and emotionally, within the framework of the national education system.

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The scope of physical education

Scope of physical education

listed below are the Scope of Physical Education:

1. Sports and games. includes conventional sports, games, motion exploration, non-locomotor, manipulative locomotor, and athletic skills, as well as baseball, rounders, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, badminton, and other activities.

2. Developmental pursuits. includes physical fitness elements, posture types, and posture mechanics, among other things.

3. gymnastics exercises includes floor exercises and other activities, as well as simple dexterity, dexterity without tools, and dexterity with tools.

4. Rhythmical motion. Freezing motion, morning exercise, SKJ, aerobic exercise, and other exercises are included.

5. water sports. includes swimming and other activities, as well as water sports, water safety tips, and water moving techniques.

6. learning outside of the classroom. includes camping, hiking, environmental education, field trips, and picnics.

7. Health. Includes: inculcation of a culture of healthy living in daily life, specifically related to body care to stay healthy, caring for a healthy environment, choosing healthy foods and drinks, preventing and treating injuries, arranging appropriate breaks and taking an active role in P3K activities and UKS.

Benefits of Physical Education

The benefits of physical education, sports and health are as follows

  1. Meet the child’s needs for movement
  2. Instill the basics of useful skills
  3. It is a process of education simultaneously both physically, mentally and emotionally
  4. Introduce children to their environment and potential


We are in an era, where we love sports and realise the importance of sports. Playing sports (game) in schools and colleges level need not be considered just as a hobby. One can build their career in physical education to see various career options in it

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